Implement AI with a few lines of code

The BaseMind SDK accelerates AI feature development by enabling you to focus on creating value through your AI features, rather than spending time on building and maintaining infrastructure.

import BaseMindClient

let client = BaseMindClient(apiKey: "<MyApiKey>")
let response = try client.requestPrompt(templateVariables)
import ai.basemind.client.BaseMindClient

val client = BaseMindClient.getInstance("<API_KEY")
val response = client.requestPrompt(templateVariables)
import 'package:basemind/client.dart';

final client = BaseMindClient('<API_KEY>');
final response = await client.requestPrompt(templateVariables);

The developer platform for AI apps

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Serverless AI - Backend is Optional

Directly integrate AI models into your app. On Day 1 accelerate to Month 2

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Streaming Enabled

Easily stream API responses from AI models

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One SDK to rule them all

Avoid vendor lock-in with a vendor-agnostic approach that future-proofs your AI

Prompt Management

Prompt Management

Empower your team with a user-friendly dashboard. Make real-time changes without waiting for a new release.

Not just easier, but better

Lightning Speed.
Built with Golang and GRPC, BaseMind outperforms traditional backends with swift response times and scalable performance.
None of Your Users Data Saved.
We don't save any of your users' data. We act as a pure pipeline between your users' devices and the AI models.
Scalable Infrastructure.
BaseMind allows you to focus on your product, not your infrastructure. Ready for scale from day 1.

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Serverless AI

On-the-fly prompt management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you save my users' data?

No, privacy and security is paramount for us. We therefore dont save any of your users' data on our system.

Is it secure to store the BaseMind key in my mobile app?

Yes, it's secure. With our SDK, storing the key in your app is safe. Plus, even if someone accesses the key, they can only use the prompts you configured.

Can you help me implement the BaseMind SDK?

Definitely! Just contact us and we'll guide you through the implementation process.

Are you faster than a custom backend?

Yes, our system, built with Golang and GRPC, is much faster than a typical custom backend. Plus, our systems can scale with your needs, ensuring efficiency as your app grows.

Do I need an OpenAI key to use BaseMind?

No, an OpenAI key isn't necessary. Just sign up, create a key for your app, and manage all AI model billing through BaseMind without exposing your OpenAI key.

How much does it cost, and do I need a credit card to start using BaseMind?

Starting with BaseMind is free and no credit card is required. We provide initial credits for AI model usage, which typically lasts for hundreds of calls. For production use, we offer customized packages that scale with your needs and fit every stage of your AI journey.

Your AI journey starts here.

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